If you’ve ever tried to sell a house on your own, then you’re surely aware of how difficult and complex the process can be. From initially listing your home to setting up showings, selling a house in Park City can be a lot of work if you’re not prepared. In today’s post, we’ll provide you with a few tips that will help you sell a house in Park City quickly and painlessly.

Whether you’re selling a house or looking for an investment property, the real estate agents from The Wilstein Team are here to help! Our real estate agents have thorough knowledge of Park City and the surrounding areas, and we would love to help you make your next real estate transaction as easy as possible. Get in touch with us today to learn more, and continue reading below to learn how you can make selling a house as easy as possible!

Tips for Selling a House

Set the Right Price

Many sellers believe that they should set a high initial price and then gradually lower it if the house doesn’t sell within a certain period of time. While this strategy can sometimes make sense if you’re not in a rush to sell your house, your house’s initial 30 days on the market are when it will receive the most attention from buyers and agents. If your initial price is set too high, both buyers and agents could ignore your listing altogether.

If you’re not sure where you should set your initial price, then just get in touch with The Wilstein Team for assistance! Our real estate agents know the Park City real estate market inside and out, and we can help you determine the ideal starting price for your house.

Enhance Your House’s Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is everything when it comes to selling a house. You want potential buyers to picture themselves pulling up to your house after a long day on the slopes, or unloading their bikes and vacation gear for a fun summer getaway. Everything from your driveway to your windows can make an impression, so set aside an afternoon or two to really give your house a makeover. Start with the most prominent features of your house — does your garage door need to be washed? Does your entryway have noticeable cobwebs or signs of weather damage? Take the time to call an expert for repairs, as a poorly maintained house will make buyers wary.

Depersonalize the Interior 

Many sellers believe that showcasing their house as it’s currently arranged will generate a quick sale, but this often not the case. Even well-planned decor can make a house look smaller, so remove non-essential artwork and knick-knacks from the walls and counters. In addition to providing potential buyers with a better idea of how they could furnish the house with their own belongings, your house will appear bigger and more inviting. Remove family pictures, political books and posters, and anything else that may be off-putting to a potential buyer. You can never anticipate who will be coming to view your house, so try to be as neutral as possible in every room.

You may also want to hire a cleaning crew to give your carpets and wood floors a thorough cleaning, especially if your floors have become discolored by snowy ski gear throughout the season.

Make Your Schedule Flexible

If you’ve ever tried to schedule a house viewing during the workday, then you’ve probably noticed how difficult it can be to find a time that works for all of the parties involved. Be ready for visitors at any time of day once you’ve listed your house — this includes mornings, evenings, and weekends. While it’s certainly more convenient to stick to a nine-to-five viewing window, allowing buyers to view your home at any time of the day will give you an edge over the competition in the area.

If you can, try to leave the house whenever it’s being shown. This provides the agent and the potential buyer with the opportunity to take their time and discuss every aspect of your house honestly.

We hope that these tips can make selling a house as easy as possible for you. As we explained in a previous post, hiring a real estate agent is one of the best ways to ensure that you maximize your property’s value. If you need help buying or selling a house in Park City, then give a member of The Wilstein Team a call at 435-487-0151 or send us an email through our website. We look forward to working with you soon!