Posted by Jeremy Wilstein on Tuesday, December 9th, 2014 at 2:25pm.

The strong Park City Real Estate Market is in a very competitive stage for buyers, due, in part, to the “Vail Factor” and the opening of the 2014/15 ski and snowboard season. It is imperative for buyers to be well informed, especially in negotiation skills, when submitting an offer on the property they hope to buy.

Jeremy Wilstein and Dean DeLeone will prepare you for your negotiations with their Special Buyer Alert Webinar,”How to Negotiate to Get the Property You Want.” They have broken down properties into “A” and “B” categories. An “A” property is a very hot property while a “B” property is not as desirable. Then, they explain the negotiation strategies for submitting an offer on both “A” and “B” properties.

Buyers can stack the odds in their favor when purchasing a property and get the best possible deal.